Choteau Community Dog Park Approved!

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Tonight (6/7/22) the city council approved our plan to create a dog park in Choteau. The 1 1/4 acre park will consist of two separate fenced areas for big and little dogs, with separate entrances. The 2 yards will be accessorized with dirt piles for digging, boulders and tree trunks for jumping on and over, and upright wooden posts for peeing. We’ll have lots of tennis balls available so no one has to get possessive. For the humans, we’ll have benches and tools for cleaning up after your dogs.

The park will be located in southeast Choteau across the parking area from the Weatherbeater, next to the railroad tracks. The land once was the livestock loading yard.

The Friends of the Dog Park will be raising money from the community and foundations that support dog parks. All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Send donations to:

Friends of the Dog Park
PO Box 797
Choteau , MT 59422-0797

or make a secure donate here on our website.

More About the Dog Park