brown and white short coated dog on green grass field

Spring Update on Choteau Dog Park’s Development

Choteau, Montana, is going to the dogs, and that's a good thing! With spring in full swing, the Choteau Dog Park committee is digging into exciting new developments for the park. Thanks to the T-Mobile grant, the park is going to be the ultimate dog haven, complete with a pergola, fence, and water line installation. The Choteau Dog Park committee can't wait to bring these exciting new features to the park, but they need the community's help to keep the park running. Whether you're interested in contributing financially by donating to the Friends of the Choteau Community Dog Park or volunteering to help with cleaning, maintenance, or event organization, there's a way for everyone to get involved. So, grab your furry friend and join the tail-wagging fun at the Choteau Dog Park! It's sure to be a paw-some experience for all involved.